Why Take Piano Lessons?

Improve Study Habits: Students will be challenged to set goals and guided in learning how to meet them.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Piano study involves visual, kinesthetic, and aural awareness. Eyes, ears, and body all work in sync. 

Brain Power: Studies show that studying music strengthens right and left brain pathways, leading to higher special reasoning, concentration, memory and adaptability. 

​Self Esteem: Music is easily shared with others, giving students a sense of achievement and confidence.

Future Success: Students become more well-rounded individuals and colleges often seek students who have demonstrated discipline
through the development of a musical instrument.

Lifelong Appreciation and Enjoyment of Music:  Studying piano will expose you to many different types of music from classical, jazz, blues, popular, contemporary Christian, accompaniment, and more!
Our two daughters have been taking piano lessons with Bonnie since 2009.  Our younger daughter has participated in NYSSMA the past two years and attained a perfect score both times under Bonnie's tutelage.  While teaching the techniques and skills needed she also takes the time to make the lessons fun!  The girls have this beautiful gift of expressing themselves on the piano because of Bonnie!  —Nick and Fran Andreadis

Bonnie Masi is more than an excellent piano instructor who teaches students strong fundamentals and guides them through successive stages of playing. She inspires students with the beauty of playing music and the joy of accomplishment. She always looks to bring out what is best in her students, and because of that she is the kind of teacher that students both learn from and love. As a parent with two children studying with Bonnie, I am delighted and value the positive role she plays in my children's lives.—Catherine Carpentieri

Bonnie and I have worked together at our church on many creative endeavors where she served as Musical Director. Bonnie has a gift for bringing out the unique musical talent in each child. —Cindy Ellenbogen

Bonnie M​asi Music  P I A N O   L E S S O N S